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StreetChic by Katuscia... To describe this brand and therefore, consequently, the designer, just stop for a moment on the name.  A paradox.

The chic ghetto, made of strong colors, disorder, illogical and randomness, merges with the research of fabrics, the quality of the finishes and the design, generating a very personal interpretation of the style and, above all, enhancing the character of the person who wears it.

For Streetchic there is no dress code, but there is the expression of the individual's personality, always and in any case, regardless of the context.

It is not difficult to imagine the designer of the brand, katuscia, after this premise.  A unique and complex personality, who took her first steps in the world of fashion starting right from the street, the place where she sold her creations in local markets, where she slowly began to gain attention and success.  Over the years, the evolution has been inevitable.  From small markets, Katuscia has managed to make her way with her unique and distinctive style in increasingly important events on the national territory, up to expanding also on the international scene, where customers who have chosen streetchic bring its vision, wearing it, in ways of the world.


Streetchic by Katuscia, is Katuscia.  They are indistinguishable.  The Brand is nothing more than the expression of her emotions.

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